The Macpherson Trust

The Macpherson Trust is an award scheme set up in memory of maltster, Tim Macpherson, who was killed by terrorists in 1986.

The scheme allows people of any age who are employed in the Malting, Brewing and Distilling industries in the UK to apply for awards up to £1,000 for personal development. Candidates are encouraged to undertake activities which challenge them mentally and/or physically, such as research, fact finding, experiencing other cultures, education and travel projects.

Awards may be granted to fulfil personal development projects outside the industry as well as for personal career development within.  Two former award recipients, each undertaking very different experiences, share their stories of personal development enabled by the award of a Macpherson Trust grant here.

If you've identified a personal challenge or potentially life-changing opportunity you can apply to the Trust via the application form available here or contact the Clerk to the Trustees directly via the details below. There are certain conditions that need to be met by each scholarship applicant, to view these please click here

Clerk to the Trustees
The Macpherson Memorial Trust
1st Floor, Exchange Business Centre
Water Lane
Nottinghamshire NG24 1HA

Telephone: 01636 700781


A report of the 25th anniversary celebrations to relaunch the Trust was initiated where Macpherson guests were invited by the MAGB Members to their Annual Luncheon in November 2011 at the Armourers Hall in London.  To read more click here

To find out more about Tim Macpherson and how the Trust was created click here.

To view a list of scholarships that have been awarded to date click here.